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Our Females


Sadie-Rose Now Retired

His Fame Sadie-Rose of Tillery 
ALCA  registration : #198-04082015-004-LB2
Sire: Country Master of Charm "Jordan"
Dame: His Fame Cocoa Beach
DOB: 04-08-2015 

 Medium 18 1/2''  weighs 40 lb
Coat: Chocolate Wave

Wavy Fleece, Carries for Cream 
OFA Elbow: Good 

Pin Hip: left (DI).61, (OA)None, Cavitation no
right(DI).50, (OA)None, Cavitation no

CERF: Normal VwD: cleared by Paw Print Genetics 



Tillery's Bindi Lynn 

ALCA Registration: # 267-04082017-001-LB1

Sire: Southern Charm's Texas Hold'Em

Dame: His Fame Sadie-Rose

DOB: 04-08-2017

Coat: Wavy Fleece

Small medium 17" 29lbs

Caramel Ice, carries for chocolate and Parti

OFA Hip: Good         OFA Elbow: GoodCERF: Normal

VwD: Cleared by Parentage 



Tillery's Living Lavishly Lexi

ALCA Registration: #267-04082017-001-LB2

Sire: Southern Charm's Texas Hold'Em

Dame: His Fame Sadie-Rose

DOB: 04-08-2017

Coat: Curly Fleece

Medium 18" 36lbs

Chocolate, carries for Cream and Parti

OFA Hip: Good        OFA Elbow: Good

CERF: Normal

VwD: Cleared by Parentage



Tillery’s Laughing Lucille Ball

ALCA Registration:#268-11172017-002-LB1

Sire: Southern Charm’s Devine Augustus

Dame: His Fame’s Sadie-Rose

DOB: 11-17-2017

Coat: Wavy Fleece Caramel

Medium 17 1/2” 28LBS

OFA Hip: Good OFA Elbow: Good 

CERF Eye: normal OFA Heart Normal

VwD: Clear per Paw Print Genitics 




Tillery’s Jingilin’ Jasper

ALCA 286-06172018-003-LD1

Sire: Tarheel Nashville Nights 

Dame: His Fame Sadie-Rose 

DOB: 06-17-2018

coat: Wavy Fleece Carmel Ice 

lg medium/sm standard 201” 55lbs

OFA Hip: Good Elbow: Good

CERF Eye: normal OFA Heart: normal

VwD Clear per Paw Print Gentics 

IC: clear 

Jasper  is  a super loving and loyal boy. with a thick stalky build. This boy is solid as a rock! He live in a wonderful guardian home where he is loved dearly . Jasper is available for outside  stud use to approved Australian Labradoodle females.